Small Tunas of the Coastal Plain

by Mei Saraswati

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tiny songs in the winter sun, on the coast, in the foam, on the dunes. walking all day. swimming, freezing, drying, eating apples, squinting.

i don't have a job atm.


released July 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Mei Saraswati Perth, Australia

Mei Saraswati has been rambling for a long time.

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Track Name: Tek Life
watcha gonna do when ya holding on
to the very last breath before it leaves u
hold on hold on

watcha gonna think when before ur eyes,
the soul shakes with the flashing lights
whole life whole life

tek life
give life
1 + 1 can make life
thru them wing flight
moving on towards the light

'cause them to enter the garden
of happiness
cleanse them with the most pure water,
and grant them to behold,
the splendours on the loftiest mount'

all hail haile selassie, buddha, krishna, le Atua, the truth
nguzunguzu prow navigate ancient canoe
all hail rivers that run the meeting of the sea
underground aquifers
footprint lake is glistening, all hail.
Track Name: Strive
we strive, strive with all our hearts
to make it, to make it my love
we strive, strive with all our hearts
to make it, to make it my love


too right that c'est la vie
saying goes how its sposed to be
strive so hard that we can't be mad
invest all our lives in living

looking up at the open sky
stars are proof after death is bright
we'll be free from this mortal cage
but right now in this world we are living!
Track Name: Show (dreams in hyde park)
i could tell u all i learnt.
i could tell u all i know.
i could speak so many words, but instead i need to show.
i lie awake with the lights out, wide asleep in the day,
i feel the trickling of love coming in floods again...

ur a precious friend,
ur the deepest i've been,
ur the purest water,
baby where do i begin.
please let's find the hope.
please let's rise above the pain.
i regret so many things, but if we didn't try again...ooh!
Track Name: Ego
we lie because of it
we die because of it
we steal because of it
we kill because of it
we try because of it
lose our minds because of it
close our eyes because of it
we depise because of it

ego let me go
ego let me go

i'm drowning
in a whirlpool,
ferocious with expectations
i don't know what is good
i dont know what could be bad
all i know
is this life is the only one that i've ever had

ego let me go
ego let me go

let me go
let me go
let me go
etc etc etc
Track Name: Instagem
feel like i'm caught in between
i will not settle
feel like I'm caught in between
oh where to go?
feel like i'm caught in between
how many others?
feel like they caught in between?
how many souls?

i ride alone
i hear the signs and read the sounds outside the zone
so come around and i'll fix u a cup of tea
i love it when u come and rock with me

feel like i'm caught in between

u wait, for something out there
another way to start
is look into ya heart
i can feel u there more