sound cloud diary

by Mei Saraswati

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this is a compilation of songs i had up on my old, old sound cloud - kinda used the site like a diary...just making bits and pieces daily, playing around with different styles and ways of making and trying to learn how to mix - was hard but real interesting ...from MPC to Logic to Ableton.

making these back then felt like traveling...never knew where things would go because i had less of an inclination to control things - no expectations...felt happy when ANYTHING would work out.

if you listened to a looped sample enough you discover the different pathways, the 'choose your own adventures'...and depending on your mood - that's where you'd go, so.

nowadays my songs are more controlled and not as free, or accidental - there are still surprises but its almost like ageing makes you want to have predictable outcomes - you crave for the ability to make what you set out to make, to do what you set out to do...because you've found your 'sound' or 'purpose'...there's a lot to be said for getting lost...i wanna get lost again!!


released November 20, 2011

the sky and the clouds of sounds floating around.



all rights reserved


Mei Saraswati Perth, Australia

Mei Saraswati has been rambling for a long time.

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Track Name: neutron knock
laughing for an age of more
i can't believe, like, that you are hear

i cut through the apple core
we share and i couldn't ask for more
Track Name: freak beat
freak beat, where u wanna go?
just keep it
repeat in your ride like mind control.
Track Name: bonga amm0
the sun in clear sight today,
the moon got spent like silver coin got paid,
the righteous always take the right of way
and we lock horns like goats in battle play.

oh they coming today,
paranoia = sweet bun filling,
thought police crawl in your ceiling.
oh is it fair to say
that what you fear is what you are,
its so bizarre its so bizarre.
oh let it drift away,
the truth is always clear as day but your shades get in the way

dirty south uh huh
Track Name: bells + love song
yeah. take some time out while i sing song.
ima let it rise and take it home. yeah.
u kno I'm coming over there. yeah.
always til the break of day. yeah.
let it rise.

love is simple, it jus wants to fly.
yay yay uh uh
= neva take the bump, neva take the bump away=
here is where I'm gonna stay = love song = right here is where its gonna play = neva gonna take the bump away = ha haaaaaaaa
Track Name: use your eyes
use your eyes to see smiles,
use your ears to listen to tales that dispel your fears,
use your mouth to give praise
and encouragement
to those in dark days,
use your head
to think of thoughts
which change this world into
rose garden.

turn your face
to the light